Patient Testimonials


A Heartfelt Thank You!

Dr. Cherry,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your time and expertise during my tooth infection/oral surgery. It really meant a lot as an “out of towner” to get the quality of service and care I received at your office. I really appreciated all of the follow-up text messages to Greg asking about me!

I had the root canal this morning and it went very well. Like you, Dr. Schippers is excellent at what he does. I never thought a root canal could be that painless. Dr. Schippers checked the area that you worked on and said that everything looks really good. He continued to prescribe the two antibiotics that you gave me and said they were the “perfect pair” for my infection.

Thank you so much for being there for me–I felt totally cared for every step of the way!

With great appreciation!



Such a Pleasure

I just want to say how happy we have been with Dr. Cherry. He performed Alveolar Bone Graft surgery on my daughter in December 2011. Before the surgery, he answered all my questions and explained the process in a way that was understandable from someone without a medical background. After the surgery, on our followup appointments, he checked her very thoroughly and gave clear instructions on her care.

My daughter was born cleft-affected and the bone grafting surgery was one of the many that she will have. Dr. Cherry also volunteers his time at the Jacksonville Cleft Palate team, which we are part of. This was important to me that he was part of that team so that all of the procedures and services that are provided to my daughter are communicated back to the team and the team members agree on her treatment.

Dr. Cherry also performed Oral Surgery on my son a couple years ago to remove his wisdom teeth. This also went well and was a successful surgery.

We also are very fond of Dr. Cherry’s office staff. They knew my daughter and son by name and always make us feel welcome. It’s a pleasure going to Dr. Cherry’s office.

Beverly Roman


Why I Like Dr. Cherry

I will continue to choose Dr. Brad for my dental procedures. I really appreciated his skill, attention to detail and how he took the time explain everything so I could easily understand it. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Brad and staff, thanks for all you do.

Jim Bagnardi


I Have My Life Back

I would like to express my gratitude for the work Dr. Cherry and his staff did on my mouth. I am so pleased. And when they were done, I had no idea that my teeth would look and feel so natural. They really have given me my life back. I have already recommended his office to a close friend and would be honored if Dr. Cherry ever used me as a reference.

Roland Pacetti


Loving My New Smile

I was referred to Dr. Cherry by my dentist Dr. Freeman. I lost four front teeth at 9 years old from a diving accident. I am 47 years old, and since the ninth grade I have had a bridge in place holding those missing front teeth. I have been through several different bridges through the years, and at 45 years old my most recent bridge started to fail. I met with Dr. Cherry to explore the option of getting implants. I had no prior knowledge of the implant process. He was very professional and spent a great deal of time with me explaining the options available to me and my case. He built a model and used X-rays to show me what the potential finished product could look like and also explained some of the potential challenges that could arise. After more than a year of treatment that included two bone grafts and four implants, I was able to have a new smile with very stable and real-looking teeth. I couldn’t be more happy with the service and attention I received both during the process and following each procedure. Dr. Cherry called me every evening during the process and following each procedure to check my status – how was I feeling, was I in any pain. This alone showed me how much he cared about me as a patient. I strongly recommend him and his staff to any person in need of oral surgery of any kind. We became friends during the process, and his staff treated me like family.

Lewis Sport


In Good Hands

I was referred to Dr. Cherry in 2009 because I had a raised spot internally on my jaw. Dr. Cherry did a biopsy and discovered I had a rare disease called ameloblastoma. He then explained this disease and the procedure to remove the tumor. My heart was broken and I was at a loss for words as well as hope. He reassured me that I would be fine and that his staff would take care of me. Well they did just that. I have never met such a well-organized, personable and loving staff and doctor. Every time I go into the office they all know who I am and treat me like family.

Being in Dr. Cherry’s care I knew I was in good hands and had no worries. Even after my long surgery I came out of recovery with a smile (well, after I came to) because he was right there to comfort my family and make sure I was okay before leaving for the night. I love the fact that I am treated as an individual and given the personal time and not just a number to the doctor and his staff. I feel so blessed to have my oral surgery needs be handled by such a dedicated team!

Toni Fields